{Why is WordPress so Safe and Secure?}

WordPress is either the biggest hero or the foulest villain the eyes of many tech veterans. It's really hard to find another piece of software that people either just completely fall in love with or simply love to hate. It seems that there is an extreme division of use out there regarding WordPress.

To some people it is some sort of security magnet.

That may seem like a good thing, but it isn't. Security magnet is essentially a piece of software that is so vulnerable that hackers from all over the world will create all sorts of tools to find, exploit and, otherwise, benefit from unsecure installations of WordPress. To many critics of WordPress this is the straw that broke the camel's back. They look at WordPress as if it was a loaded gun. It's only a matter of time until people deal with it the wrong way and a lot of people screwed over as a result.

I wish I could tell that this is just an empty hysteria, or these people are simply misguided and have another agenda which is to push another software product. In fact, most of them don't have any of those motivations, instead they have used WordPress in the past and for a wide variety of reasons, gotten burned. So, who do they blame? Do they blame their bad installation, refusal to follow instructions, or guests? No! They blame bad old Microsoft.

To a large degree, that’s just part of the nature of the beast.

After all, since you are paying for complete software, you would be easily forgiven for thinking that you will be getting a product that is ‘complete.’ Sadly, as anyone who does computer programming know, there is no such thing as a complete app or software. Never has been. None currently. And I sadly suspect, there will never be such a thing long into the future. Why? There will always be contingencies. There will aways be weird uses.

The bottom-line here is if you have security issues with WordPress, you just chose to slip it off. I don't want to be glib or flippant, but this is the cold hard reality. You have to understand that if you set up WordPress to auto-upgrade each and every time that WordPress releases a publicly available update, you are pretty much secured.

There is really no way that hackers can get into your system, unless of course, you post your password online or you engage in any kind of shady behavior that can lead to security compromises. Aside from that, you really have nothing to worry about. WordPress is so safe and secure, primarily because it is so widely installed that if there is any kind of security vulnerability that, at least, a few of millions of people who used it every day would speak up. They would get the word out.

Don't be surprised if they come up with a bug-fix a few hours after the vulnerability is detected. Often times, it's the community itself that detects bugs and gets the patch or solution ready before the official developers come around to it. This is the key reason why WordPress is so safe and secure.

The best part, it's global distributed army of quality control engineers work for peanuts. Just how cheap? It can't get any cheaper than free.