{Turbocharge What WordPress Install's Security with this One Simple Move}

I know that a lot of people have used all sorts of password Randomizer or password protection plugins for software. This is definitely a step in the right direction, but you have to understand that a lot of hackers out there used old-school techniques. One old-school technique, of course, is to use software to constantly guess your log in password. This is a very risky undertaking for hackers, however.

You might be thinking that you’re on the receiving end of this or these people are experts and they will burn you if they get away with their activities.

Here is the problem.

If you use a typical security certificate, it's so much easier for these hackers to hide their tracks. They can even fake their tracks. This is due to the security vulnerability of the security certification of HTTP.

The problem here is if they used a brute force technique. They can easily be found out. They can be logged and it would be very easy to figure them out. The most important move you can make, as far as your WordPress installation security is concerned, is to switch to HTTPS.

Hackers cannot install a proxy. They cannot hide their tracks as well as before. When using HTTPS, they have to use their real identity. Last time I checked, no hacker worth his'/her's salt has ever given their real name. You're not really hacking if you're using your real name. Keep these in mind, because security is paramount.

HTTPS’ best analogy is a CCTV camera.

Chances are, you have seen quite a bit of these in the past. In fact, in places like London, they are all over the place. But, I’m also sure, you have thought about whether these actually prevent crime. It’s not like these cameras will automatically notify the police quickly enough for the cops to show up before the crime is completed, right?

Well, CCTV cameras just like HTTPS, work primarily in terms of prevention. If a criminal knows that he will be caught on CCTV, he will probably look for another spot that doesn’t have these. That’s the bottom line. The same applies to HTTPS.

Hackers are so sophisticated and work so efficiently, that they don’t even bother with HTTPS at all. They would just scan the Web with a default setting for their scanner to weed out and ignore all HTTPS sites. This alone makes the time, hassle, and cost of having your website appear in HTTPS worth it.

With all the above said, please note that if hackers truly want to get your data or cause you a lot of grief by making your WP install crash or infect your users’ browsers, they can find a way. Please understand how this works.

Ultimately, you’re still taking chances. That’s never going to go away entirely. But at least, in the case of HTTPS, you have some way of preventing and some way of possibly tracing whoever hacked into your system. In this game, every little bit of assurance and safety source helps.