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This website, as you can tell, is a work in progress. It is also a work of passion. I'd love to say that this is my personal passion project. It is my version of Steve Job's work in his garage to come up with his first Apple products.

I've been working on this resource site for quite some time now. I'm a professional web developer. I work primarily using WordPress as my main platform and I accordingly come across problem after problem involving WordPress customization. Instead of keeping my notes to myself and forgetting about them, the innovations that I come up with, as I successfully meet my customer's needs, is to publish them.

In the course of a typical web development project, you're going to run across many different sets of problem. Some are completely new while others are essentially just a rehash or the different versions of problems you have come across before.

The great thing about WordPress is that regardless of the type of functionality that you were looking for, chances are somebody has already come up with something that addresses that functionality. Either it contains it completely or it gives you certain tools or functionalities that you can tweak to get the exact results that you were looking for.

It really is in this environment that I was able to find a wide range of solutions, customizations and other tweaks for my customers. I've helped people turn WordPress into a directory website, a search engine, a restaurant's automated menu, a live parts warehouse fulfillment software, etc.

As you can tell from my description of my previous WordPress customization job that I know how WordPress works.

It really is quite a shame that too many people are simply clueless regarding what the WordPress brings to the table. This is why I've compiled a wide range of resources here. The problem is, just like with any other labor of love, sometimes I get ahead of myself. Sometimes I just copy and paste links without testing them out. This is where you come in.

Since this website is basically a collection of my notes and brainstorms with other wordpress developers, there are sure to be rough spots. In fact, I can promise you there will be rough spots. There won’t be so many of them as to make this site totally useless but there will be a few. I wish I can devote more time to this site but this really is a repository of a few hours a week’s worth of work every single month. Help me and all the other people using the site by simply speaking up. Yes, that’s right-that’s all I ask from you. Just speak up.


If you check the resources here and you love the tutorials, click through everything. Look at outside sites. If a website is broken or if you get taken to a page that has nothing to do with the previous page you're on, do let me know and I will get to the bottom of the issue. I will prioritize problems that are most reported. Once I attend to those I would then focus on questions that has less reports: issues that only a handful of people experienced.

By speaking up, you get the process in motion. You increase the likelihood that you will be able to fix the problem you have with WordPress.