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This website really is a love letter to WordPress. I don't want to sound all sentimental or mushy, but that's really the most honest, authentic and sincere way I can describe this website. I ought to know because I have fallen in love with WordPress.


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  • 29.12.2013Freelancing

    I'm not exactly easy to please. I have never ever been accused of being a softy in my life, but I have a soft spot for WordPress, because of all the online publishing tools that I have ever tried in all my years as a web developer, nothing can even come close to just how flexible, versatile and truly powerful WordPress is.
  • 11.05.2013Wordpress Development

    I wish I could tell you that this software is like this from day one. I would be sadly mistaken if I were to make that claim, because when I look through the archives of WordPress original versions they were a shadow of what WordPress looks like now. A lot of purists would say that this is just a classic example of software bloat.
  • 15.08.2013Software Development

    You know what software bloat is, right? If you ever bought Photoshop or even Microsoft office, you would quickly realize all the different features and bells and whistles of a particular piece of software is supposed to have, you probably end up using a tiny fraction of all those features. This attracts a lot of criticism from people who follow the tech industry. A lot of them have a word for this which is "software bloat."
  • 15.08.2013Design and Development

    Basically, software developers would have to come up with some sort of justification on why they are upgrading their software. This is going to be a problem if the core functionality of the software has essentially been perfected a long time ago.

A lot of people think that whenever a company introduced all sorts of features they are engaging software bloat. I'm happy to report that WordPress is 100% innocent of that charge, why?

WordPress has so much functionality pack in each install that you only need to unlock it using different plugins or different settings, and you would be able to get very robust functionality right out of the box.

You don't have to add new stuff or get into the code and mess around with it. You don't have to do any of that. That is what’s so awesome about it.

A lot of people were thinking that this is like, installing WordPress to do basic online publishing is like burning down your house just to get rid of the ants.

That's too much of an exaggeration because you don't know when your needs will scale.

Right now, it may seem that you just need a tiny fraction of everything that WordPress has to offer, but no one knows when your needs would change and that's precisely the time when you need to tap into the vast amount of functionality that WordPress already have once you install it.

This website gives you all sorts of tools and resources to fully unlock, unleash and essentially enjoy everything that WordPress has to offer.